First note isn’t Algernon so darling in this. There’s just something about a sly British gentleman that can really arouse one’s curiosity don’t you think. Not that I would ever deign to insinuate something improper. Innuendos are best kept for the best company don’t you think, and I hardly keep any company around at all. Being such a hermit as I am.

But, to the crux of the matter:
What the heck is that song that Jack is singing in the bath-tub? Or is it from a symphony? It’s driving me bonkers that I can’t think of it.

I listened to a recent report on NPR today about how people in power were 30% more likely to have affairs. This goes for men as well as women. This number was gleaned for questionares of men and women who had power in their work-place. Then there was another study in which participants were given power in a laboratory session, and low and behold the people who had power ((both men and women)) were more likely to be flirty, and more likely to perceive others as being flirty towards them. In fact the more power people had, the more attractive they perceived themselves as being.

Still one viewer asked why it still the majority of men who have affairs. The women answered, because mostly men have power. Thus perhaps the reason why feminism has enabled bad female behavior is because that’s what power does to both men and women. Now we can have the myriad of arguments about how male abuses of power are in no way equal to female abuses of power, because female abuses of power disrupt the social fabric. But perhaps that is because there hasn’t yet been a new system of checks and balances to work around female power, the same way society worked to keep the familial fabric in tact even with male abuses of power.

I wonder what will develop.


I’m not usually one to trumpet the evil and corruptions of government. But this film is a great, an emotionally compelling look at the excesses of government. Actually to be frank activists movies usually repulse me, but I found myself sucked in. Mostly it’s because I guess I was still naive enough to believe in government.

I find the following terms:

friends with benifits

casual relationship


to be abhorrent.

To be fair in my current jet-setting position and with a somewhat recalcitrant heart, I can’t say I would look for anything more. But honestly I would rather have nothing that fall underneath one of those lables. It makes my skin rankle in an odd way. Even the word fling makes me shudder. Why must I so ardently pursue meaning, just to soothe my pride? Even when at the moment I don’t really want it. I suppose it’s my damn sense of romance. If I was anybody’s friends with benefits I might as well be their garbage taker-outer for all the romance and glamor that seems to hold.

Oh yes, good sir I’ll come right over and fuck you, how does Tuesday sound? No, you have to get a particularily large mole removed. Certainly, let’s do another day.

Please kill me now. Mundanity is the bane of any real relationship, you see them poop, fart, notice their graying hair. Have them flung off of the pedastel you put them on. Have to ((god forbid)) relate to them as a human being. Slowly lose the romance until your, god forbid, married or something. Fine, if that brings security, fine. Etc etc. I have no problem with poo, or shit, or relationships. Or even, on occasion, truth. It’s unavoidable to actually know a person once you spend enough time with a person, to have the charm of mystery wear off. And I accept and don’t mind this one bit. It’s an exchange you make for security.

But why the hell would anyone give up security and romance?

So to all those boys who ask,

Let’s just mess around Vassy? When are you free?

I say:

For all your sense of whimsy, romance, fancifulness, and pure wonder, I’ll leave to play with yourself. Because I’d imagine any games you would deign to play with me would be mechanical, and dull. Sure your poetry of the flesh might be interesting, but you lack metaphors. You may as well take a photograph and call it a painting. Do you actually see the world any different than the next person? Or do you simply stare out your window trying to draw things as you imagine they are, not as you wish they could be or even as you see them? Call me delusional I don’t care. If I’m going to be real, if I’m going to come out from hiding in Never Never Land, I’ll do it for someone who can make promises to help me safely land.

Girls actually fall for this crap? This blatant, let’s have sex business with no strings attached? With no romance? No nothing? I know the loneliness can be crushing, trust me, I know. And maybe I’m just a completely insane anachronism. But seriously!

Dad: Hey look at this email. They’re giving us a discount on the space it’s only 500$ now. They said it was because–because–b-b

Vassy: What?

Dad: I’m sorry it’s just funny. They say it’s because your philinthropic goals inspire me.

Vassy: Why is it funny that I could inspire someone?

Dad: I mean, well. *Serious face* Of course, Vassy, no it’s not funny at all. You’re a very k-kind

Vassy: Ugh, dad. *pillow lobbed* I do want to help the music foundation. They’re giving instruments to people in Uganda.

Dad: Yes, but mostly you want to have a recital.

Vassy: Well that was the original impeteus. But if I can help people while doing things I love why is that such an awful thing? Why must I only be able to inspire people if I’m sacrificing. Can’t I do good for myself and the world???

Dad: Yes, well. I mean Vassy, let’s be realistic here.

Vassy:  I own six ducks with funny names in Africa that I bought for a family.

Dad: Would you have bought them if you couldn’t have named them funny names.

Vassy:Well, probably not. I mean who doesn’t want to own a duck named Persopilis, or a rabbit named Piro or another duck named Gnoshi Noodlehowzer.


But first a brief interaction I had with the computer guy:

Vassy: So my computer’s a little bent here.

Computerboy: It looks a lot bent.

Vassy: AHAHA, oh really? Fancy that.

Computerboy: Yeah, and your cd players broken.

Vassy: A little?

Computerboy: Hmm. Well that’s going to cost you 800$.

Vassy: *sigh* I don’t have that kind of money. It’s not covered under warranty?

Computerboy: Nope, because technically you dropped it so.

Vassy: Oh well, thanks I don’t have that kind of money lying–

Computerboy: I’ll tell you what I’ll give you a get out of jail free card just this once.

Vassy: What??

Computerboy: Yeah, here just let me figure it out.

Vassy: Wait how much is this going to cost me?

Computerboy: What do you mean, it’s going to be free. You can take your hands off of your eyes now the price has gone away.You look like Mcullyculkin from Home Alone. I’m not a robber I promise.

Vassy: What you mean it’s free?

Computerboy: That’s exactly what I mean, just bring it around tomorrow.

And now to the meat of our story:

BoyfromHS: Hey Vassy, see you’re in town. You want to hang out sometime?

Vassy: Sure, I’ll invite Anachronism.

BFHS: Oh, I meant just you and me.

Vassy: *blush* Well, oh, okay. Cofee?

BFHS: No that’s kind of boring, and anyways we need to keep you away from liquids.

Vassy: Oh no, please, don’t tell me you’re going to start calling me girl who can’t mix a cocktail. How was I supposed to know what parts gin and juice to mix in. How did I know drinking would make me think you had six eyes.

BFHS: Yes, the whole you thinking I was an alien did put a crimp on things I admit.

Vassy: Yes it is a good thing I don’t know how to use a ray gun.

BFHS: I don’t think those exist–

Vassy: Yet.

BFHS: Err, oh, well okay then.

Vassy: So where to then?

BFHS: Well, I was thinking there is new museum in town..

Vassy: Okay, cool what kind of museum?

BFHS: Oh! It’s the holocaust museum.





Romance is a man of value behaving in a beta way towards a woman.The heart of romance is the vulnerability between the two people. This is romance. Being really vulnerable isn’t easy, and it’s not something to dismiss as simply foolish, although in some ways it is. Lots of game is coming at it all wrong. People think of trying to establish value through romance, you can do that. But I find when guys do that now it simply annoys me and I don’t find it romantic at all. I promise you, no girl falls in love with game. They fall in love with romance.

Although I suppose if you don’t want any romance go for it. In some ways wouldn’t that be easier anyway. I don’t fault those who don’t search for it.

Establish values in confidence, not in gimmicks or game. Be a strong, confident man. Learning to be sexy for guys is really half simply about being comfortable in yourself, and being the most masterful man in the room. This idea that one can learn through tricks and routines is really silly.  If you’re thinking to hard, like in anything you’re not doing it right. In music, in art, in life, and certainly in love I’d imagine, the best performances and experiences are always gained by not analyzing, but living.

Observe this scene:

Also isn’t Rachmaninoff the most beautiful thing in existence!


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